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Infrared Thermography Imaging Surveys

Infrared Thermography Imaging Surveys
Infrared Thermography is becoming one of the fastest growing predictive maintenance technologies available today. The development of hand held focal plane array based systems enables predictive maintenance engineers to bring the infrared thermography camera to virtually any equipment site with ease. Advanced image processing and reporting programs facilitate fast and easy analysis and documentation of survey results.

Infrared Thermography plays a large part of fault diagnostics within the within all aspects of the building, electrical, mechanical and the petrol and gas industries. Not only is it used to monitor live equipment conditions but also to help identify design, repair, and construction oversights.

Although these are some of the more common applications for Infrared Thermography there are many more uses and applications, a few of which are listed below:

Building Envelopes Roof Surveys
Facilities Management Data Centres
Power Industries Sewer Inspections

APT Thermography have many years experience of carrying out Infrared Thermography surveys and can offer clients advice at an early stage as to the most productive method to carry out a Infrared Thermography survey, whether it be on building envelopes, electrical, mechanical and the Oil, Petroleum and gas industries.

APT Thermography wide ranging technical and practical experience of building technology, design issues and potential faults in buildings and installations which allows us to give a high level of service both in carrying out the Infrared thermography survey and interpreting the results

Why Infrared Thermal Imaging Surveys, in summary its main benefits are:

• Quick inspection.
• Results easily shown in pictures.
• Shows location of air leakage.
• Shows thermal insulation defects.
• We use the latest detection equipment with fully trained personnel to achieve reliable results.

We carry out many thermal imaging surveys each year and guarantee to offer a professional, reliable, and helpful and offer competitive pricing. We offer a last minute service at no extra cost, and we also undertake weekend Infrared thermography surveys on both on Saturday and Sunday in order to meet your out of hour’s survey requirements. We offer a nationwide service offering a single supplier for all of your regional offices and projects.

Most of our clients, who use us for the first time, continue to use our services because of our proactive approach, this has led to nationwide agreements with many the top UK Companies, which allows them to benefit from even more competitive rates as well as unrivalled service.

APT Thermography Imaging Surveys also offer other specialist testing and reporting:

• Air leakage Testing to Dwellings and Commercial Buildings
• Fire Enclosure Testing
• Sound Testing
• Energy Performance certificates, EPC, SAP & SBEM

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If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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Infrared Thermography Surveys

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